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Peoresnada.com is a site of humor and entertainment that develops recreational content through applications, games, web pages and multimedia content. The contents should not be taken seriously as they are created for recreation. Peoresnada.com is not responsible for the use of its contents.

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Peoresnada.com is a content and development portal that manages to offer free services and content thanks to the sale of advertising. By registering to the mailing list, using the Peoresnada.com site or downloading our applications, users will receive their content, games, applications, tests, articles, photos, etc. for free, accepting the display of advertising, in any way, with as long as Peoresnada.com can continue its operations for free. This advertising is displayed on the site www.Peoresnada.com or also, text or html (banners, images, videos) in the mailing list, or graphic and multimedia ads in our games and applications. In this way the advertisers cover the development expenses, and the users receive the contents at no cost. Peoresnada.com works with third-party ads that may include personalized advertising that is implemented through the use of anonymous identifiers or SDKs.

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